How to Register

If you wish to enter the World Championship Bathtub race you must register and obtain a number. 

Please send email to for more information.

Registration, Mandatory Tub, Motor & Equipment Inspection

Race Registration and Teching will be held at Maffeo Sutton Park, 100 Comox Road, Nanaimo.  Turn into the park parking lot and teching will be to the right.

Thursday 6pm  to  8pm
Friday 6pm  to  8pm
Saturday Noon to 5pm

At Registration, the tubber will need to register for the race, the fee is $50 cash only, show their Safe Boating card.  Your tub, equipment and motor will be teched to receive the Escort boat numbers.

Registration closes on Saturday at 5:00pm. There will be an additional $25 late entry fee. If you are unable to arrive in Nanaimo before 5:00pm on Saturday, you may pre-register. for more info email Every Tubber must check in at the registration desk.

The Safety meeting is Mandatory for all Tub Pilots and Escort Boat Drivers on Sunday, at 8:30am at the Coast Bastion Inn.

Escort Boats drivers must have their Safe Boating Card and meet the requirements of the Canadian Small Vessel regulations. All escort boats must be equipped with a marine band VHF radio with a cell phone as back-up.

If you do not finish the race, you MUST contact Race Headquarters immediately or be subject to a fine and/or not being allowed to race again. A card be will be given to you a registration with the contact information