How to Register

If you wish to enter the World Championship Bathtub race you must register and obtain a number. Contact Margaret Johnson at 250-722-2086 or email

Registration Information

The race start is at 11AM on the Sunday in Nanaimo Harbour and finishes at Swy-a-Lana Lagoon in Nanaimo Harbour.

Registration for the World Championship Bathtub race is on the 3 days prior to the race at the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Societies office at 373 Franklyn Street. Teching for your Tub, Motor and Safety equipment is at the Parking lot next to City Hall on Dunsmuir Street.

The times are:
Thursday: 6-8PM
Friday: 6-8PM

A letter will be sent out in early July giving you all the information relevant to the race.

There is a mandatory Safety meeting for the Tub pilot and escort boat driver at 8:30AM on Sunday morning at the Coast Bastion Inn.

The race rules can be found here.

Every Tub must have an escort boat at least 18’ in length.

The race entry fee is $50.00.